Are You Pinterest Savvy?

This year, it’s harder than ever to get your message out to others. There is an incredible amount of noise and competing voices in the marketplace. If you have a product or service to promote, you’ve probably wondered how to get an upper hand.

Well I have good news. My friend, Melissa Taylor, has written a new book entitled Pinterest Savvy, that can help you get your business noticed by literally millions of loyal followers.


She joined the new social media network, Pinterest, just over a year ago. She started off slowly at first, but soon gained traction and by October, she had over a MILLION people following her pin boards.

In her book, she tells you how you can gain followers and have an incredible influence in your particular niche. In times like now, when Facebook pages are being seen on only 27% of reader’s timelines, Pinterest is the place to be.

Pinterest is bright, clean, and full of amazing photographs, pictures, and graphics. The average order on Pinterest is $80, versus an average order of only $40 on Facebook. Readers are very loyal, spending an average of 15 minutes per session on the network.

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Overall, I gained some great insights from her book,  such as…

  • Pin Skills
  • Pintastic Pin-Boards
  • How To Be Awesome (And Get More Followers)
  • Pinterest for Business
  • Best Advice From Top Pinners

Implementing some of her tips has helped my traffic soar, and I now get more referrals to my blog from Pinterest than I do from Twitter.

To see what Pinterest can do for you, check out some of my previous articles on this very popular network.

Please take a look at my Pinterest boards and follow the ones that interest you. I’ll follow you back.

Overall: Pick up Melissa’s book and find out what Pinterest can do for you…

Question: Are you on Pinterest?