MBA on the Run

I received an invitation in the mail the other day to attend a MBA presentation put on by the University of Redland’s School of Business. They just opened a new branch in Temecula so I called and got more information. The sticker shock was expected but the overall program will probably not work for me. […]

Pass The Test: Zone Naps

As I was doing research the other day on sleeping and the effects of napping, I ran across an interesting post by Brad Issac over at Achieve-IT. The post was labeled “How To Take A Caffeine Nap” and was based on a short article he had found in Field and Stream magazine. I was immediately […]

Core Performance Essentials

As I was looking through the latest exercise and fitness books at my local bookstore, one book stood out. The tag line said “Reshape your body in only 30 minutes a day”. The habit that I’m developing this month is exercise and I’ve set aside 30 minutes per day to get it accomplished. While I’ve […]

5 Year Personal Development Plan


Where will you be in 5 years? What will your life be like? What will you do for a living? These are questions that many of us think about this time of year. When I look back at previous choices that I have made in my life I realize what profound differences a simple decision […]