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Get Found! List Your Business on Google

list your business on Google

Many of my business friends spend thousands of dollars a year to promote their businesses. They print cards, mail flyers, advertise in the Yellow Pages, yet when I search for them on Google, I can’t find them. The good news is, Google offers a service to promote your local business for free. It’s called Google Places and it only takes minutes to fill in your information, … [Read more...]

Going Pro

going pro

In Steven Pressfield’s great little book, The War of Art, he talks about overcoming the resistance. That insidious force which hinders us from doing our creative work. Deciding that you have had enough of this nattering nabob of negativity and wanting to move forward requires radical action. The resistance can be overcome by only one thing… Going Pro. Going Pro, means … [Read more...]

The Gilligan’s Island Approach to Starting a Business, Club, or Non-Profit.


Over the last few years, I’ve been involved with different start-ups, from business, to club, and even a non-profit. In almost all cases, I've been in a meeting with others, feeling just a tad lost. As I was sitting in a planning meeting yesterday, I thought about the struggles we were facing. It seemed like we were on a deserted island. We didn't know quite where we were. Not … [Read more...]