How To Make Money In 2012


As we enter the New Year, it’s good to look back at the previous year as a whole, and do an evaluation. While 2011 had some promise, it ended up being a pretty volatile year, bouncing around from promise to recession and back. It just seems like we are churning around, waiting for someone to […]

Find A New Job With Klout

klout social media analytics

I’m a big fan of Klout, the social media scoring system. When you create an account, it allows you to see a cumulative Klout score across your social media networks. While the scoring system is great, one of the best features of the system is the ability to find influential people in different niche areas. […]

Are You a Leader or Facilitator?


In the world of work, I’ve held positions of leadership and also secondary ones where I was called upon to make something happen. In our modern corporate structure, there are many standard leadership positions, such as CEO, COO, CFO etc. But for each leadership position there are many second level job descriptions that call for […]