Planning A Great Weekend


While my weekdays are usually planned out in advance on a calendar, my weekends tend to have more free flow events. As a creative person, I usually like to take the weekend as it comes. While this adds a sense of adventure, it also can lead to a lot of lost time. A while back my daughter came down for a visit and we had an upcoming weekend before us. My wife and I struggled … [Read more...]

Leave Comments Here, Get A Conversation Back


With the Intense Debate system it’s easy to see who comments a lot. Here are five people that have high reputation scores and great blogs. If you leave comments with them, you will be sure to strike up a conversation. Daniel Decker: Has a great blog focusing on leadership, publishing, social media and marketing. Dan has insightful posts and is a must stop destination for … [Read more...]



I have the privledge this year of attending SOBCON in Chicago. SOBCON is a blogging and social media conference put on by Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker, and is in its fourth year. The list of speakers is incredible and the first day was very helpful to anyone trying to get a handle on the new world of online media. Some of the idea stream highlights from day … [Read more...]

Using an iTouch with Twitter to Replace Cell Phones


Here is a common problem that businesses face during a recession… providing cell phones for employees is expensive. When the budget gets cut, cell phones must go. So how does a business get in touch with its mobile and off site users when cell phones are not available? Hmmm 1. You can ask the employee to give you their private cell number (good luck) 2. You can email … [Read more...]

Look Me In The Eye


When you meet people for the first time it's always nice to make eye contact and smile. It's a simple courtesy and leads to a relaxed conversation. If you tend to be a shy person, this may be somewhat difficult for you. You may tend to look down or away when greeting someone. This can break the conversation right away. In his book, How To Connect In Business In 90 Seconds Or … [Read more...]