Weekly Wrap Up: Motivational Speaking


This was our fifth theme based week on Success Begins Today. The theme was motivational speaking and featured a speech planning sheet.. Theme: Motivational Speaking Monday: How To Become a Motivational Speaker An overview of motivational speaking and the P.A.R. method Tuesday: Becoming a Motivational Speaker: Part 2 Have you accomplished great things or been through … [Read more...]

Public Speaking: Going From Free to Fee


Are you a struggling public speaker? Do you have a compelling message, amazing experiences, and a mastery of the English language? Do you dress well, smell good, and brush your teeth? If so, why hasn’t someone hired you to speak? That is the question that many people in the Toastmasters organization ask themselves. They go through the basic program, they refine their … [Read more...]

Become a Motivational Speaker Part 2

Yesterday we talked about what it takes to become a motivational speaker. You could boil it down into two words… Problem Solver. If you can identify people’s problems, give them action steps to take, and show them the results they can get, you have put together a very powerful speech. There is another popular method that World Champions, Ed Tate and Darren LaCroix talked about … [Read more...]

How To Become a Motivational Speaker


We’ve all been there. Sitting in a stadium or other large venue, listening to a speaker that captivates the crowd. Their words pierce the air, and their call to action is so powerful that hundreds or thousands of people rise to their feet, and move forward. Whether it’s a passionate preacher, a compelling leader, or someone that can tell you how to pull up your bootstraps and … [Read more...]

Weekly Wrap Up: Communication


Here is a short guide to good communication skills on Success Begins Today. Guide To Good Communication Skills Monday: Making A True Connection We all communicate, but do we truly connect? Tuesday: Communicating Your Title The words you use in your title say a lot about you. Choose wisely. Thursday: Google Plus: What Will You Write? A post about creating your … [Read more...]