The Halo Effect

the halo effect

I’m reading a fascinating book by Kelly McGonigal entitled The Willpower Instinct. In it she covers how self control works and the things that sabotage it. One of the most interesting findings so far is the so called “Halo Effect.” She describes it this way… The halo effect is a  form of moral licensing that looks for any reason to say “yes” to temptation. When we want … [Read more...]

Do You Give a DAM About Your Life?

do you give a dam about your life?

When you wake up in he morning, do you feel energized to face the day, or are you beat down, going through the motions? Is there excitement in your life? Are you looking forward to something, or are you just letting life happen, one mundane task after the other? The real question is… Do you give a DAM about your life? Do you have DREAMS you are pursuing. Is there … [Read more...]

Goal Setting: Determination Versus Stubbornness


I love the concept of determination. You "determine" where you are going and set a path to reach it. People who have determination are often very goal oriented and focused. Yet determination can often be confused with stubbornness. A stubborn person may also be very focused and set very realistic goals. Here is the difference... Determination is the willingness and ability to … [Read more...]

Overcoming Fear: Helio Castroneves

Riddle me this... What is scarier?... Driving an Indy Race Car at 230 miles per hour Dancing on TV in front of millions of viewers While both are scary, only Indy car racing can kill you on any lap. Yet for me I would rather take my chances in a race car than humiliate myself in front of millions of people with my two left feet. Helio Castroneves has overcome both to become … [Read more...]

Topics For Discussion: What Is Integrity?


What is integrity? Most people think of integrity as being the same thing as honesty. Is the person telling the truth, can they be trusted etc. But if you think of integrity as consistency, where your actions, values, thoughts, and feelings all line up would you consider yourself to have integrity? This is an interesting question. In our modern day to day world, I find … [Read more...]