Why Pinterest Is A Blogger’s Best Friend


I’ve been a blogger for almost seven years. In that time I’ve seen a range of opportunities to gain more traffic and build an audience. In the early days, the technique was to encourage larger sites to link back to you. Then came social media, with sites like Twitter and Facebook providing backlinks and opening […]

How to Moo With Klout for Free!


I have really enjoyed working with the new online social media tool, Klout, over the past few months. The scoring system is great, but the connection feature of the software makes this an indispensable tool for anyone serious about social media. Klout is great for… Raising your SEO ranking Finding Influential People To Follow Finding […]

Weekly Wrap Up: SEO and Social Media


The last two weeks have been a blast here at Success Begins Today. We have had a lot of interest in our Klout posts and the new Facebook subscription feature. Here is the list of our SEO and Social Media posts. Theme: SEO and Social Media A New Tool In Klout For Business Success With […]