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Personal Success Quote: Love

Five Personal Success Quotes and Graphics Personal Success is Doing What You Love To Do Personal Success Is Having The Confidence To Make The Next Move Personal Success Is Fully Expressing Yourself Personal Success Is Helping Others Get What They Want Personal Success Is Setting Fire To Your Ideas Personal success is truly about being the best person you can be. It means … [Read more...]

Finish Strong, Take Nothing Else On

finish strong

As a creative, I'm good at taking on a LOT of projects. Any new idea is fodder for action. Yet over the years, I've discovered one important thing. If I don't finish, I might as well not start. Finishing things is a creative's Achilles heel. This year, I've decided to put new projects on hold, until my current ones are finished. I want to finish the year strong. This … [Read more...]

Have a Supercharged Afternoon With These Four Steps

stay awake after lunch

As a software trainer, I know one thing for sure. People have a hard time staying awake after lunch. In many of my after lunch sessions I see people nodding off right and left. There are numerous reasons why this happens, but if you want to be productive in the afternoon the are are four easy steps you can take to change a sleepy and unproductive time into a supercharged … [Read more...]

Why I Gave Away 2,000 Books In April

dirty sink

When something radically changes your life, you want to share it with others. Years ago I read an intriguing article from a woman known as the Fly Lady. She had a message to anyone who had a messy house. Start with the kitchen sink. Clean that sink as you have never done before. Soak it in bleach, use elbow grease, and then polish it up to a sparkling shine. When … [Read more...]

The Postman Always Rings Twice

fred 2.0 mark sanborn

One of the most compelling books I have ever read, is a little tome entitled, Fred. It has only a hundred pages of information, and is the simple story of a postman who lives next door and truly makes a difference in his community. Written by Mark Sanborn, this little book has transformed the lives of thousands of people who have read it. It is simply a book about being … [Read more...]