3 Ways To Be More Productive With iOS5


With the new iOS5 operating system update for the iPhone, iPads, and iPod Touch, Apple has included 3 new productivity boosters that you might not know about. In this post, I’ll show you where they are and how to set them up. 1. Reminders: Once you update to iOS5 you’ll notice a new icon on your screen.This is a relatively simple app, but has a couple of cool features that … [Read more...]

The Minimum Effective Post

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I spent the weekend cleaning up old profiles, and working on some new time management material. As I considered the time I spend blogging, I realized how inefficient I have become. My life can easily become filled with distractions, which can fill minutes, hours, and even days. Sitting down and focusing on a post takes discipline. I wanted to once and for all figure out how … [Read more...]

Overcoming The Resistance


You sit down to work on your next project. It's rather simple. All you need to do is open your word processor on your laptop and start writing. Yet something keeps you from proceeding. Something stops you from opening the lid. You look at the laptop. Nothing seems wrong. You reach out your hand, put your thumb in position to open the lid, and make a forward gesture. Yet … [Read more...]

Three Things Every Writer Needs


While I have been putting the initial outlines together for my new book, I've been trying some new things to organize my thoughts and put together the pieces to start writing. I've had a great experience with Evernote, to capture all my ideas in one place, accessible from the cloud on most almost all of my online devices. My new iPad 2 works well for typing and collecting … [Read more...]

Are You Putting In The Time?

I read a great guest post today by Mary DeMuth about Finding Your Passion in Three Steps. In it she talks about a simple exercise to help you find your passion... Just list your top three movies of all time. Then find a common thread that runs through them. This thread will closely resemble (if not mimic) your passion in this life. I did a similar post a while back and found my … [Read more...]