The Five R’s

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I attended a direct marketing seminar yesterday hosted by the Modern Postcard Company in Carlsbad, CA. During the presentation one of the speakers listed out a marketing mantra that really resonated with me. Here it is... The Five R's You can't have ROI if there is no revenue You can't have revenue if there is no response You won't have response if they don't read … [Read more...]

Personality Test: Are You an Ambivert?

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I took a personality test years ago that told me that I was an Introvert. It meant that I liked to keep to myself, and that I was quiet and shy. The worst thing in the world for me was to throw me in a group of people at a party, or heaven forbid, put me on stage and ask me to speak publicly. While the test was partially correct; I tire easily at party’s and other social … [Read more...]

Marketing Tips From a Guy With a Sign


I went to the Fashion Valley Mall in Mission Valley (San Diego) yesterday to go to the new Microsoft Store to check out the new Surface Tablet and Windows 8. As I got off the freeway and headed into the parking lot, I saw at least 6 people standing on different corners and intersections with signs, asking for help or money. At the first signal I was stopped at, the guy with … [Read more...]

The One Glaring Drawback In Sales & Social Media


Years ago I had a job in outside sales. I sold automotive fasteners and called on repair shops, dealerships, and parts stores. It was a good job, but it had one glaring drawback. Every day started at zero. No matter how well I did the day before, I always started the day with a blank order form. This made it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Facing zero was … [Read more...]

Is There a New Kindle In Your Future?


Many of us are used to the amazing product launches at Apple computer. We wait for months for the latest i-thing to come out and stand in line for hours to purchase one. A few weeks ago, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of took the stage in a similar fashion and revealed a new line of Kindle e-readers. While not quite Steve Jobs, Jeff did a great job showing off the next … [Read more...]