iOS 7 For The iPad: First Take


I upgraded over the wire and installed iOS7 on my iPad 3 last night. The process was straightforward and took under an hour. It was basically a hands-off installation. I checked on the progress a few time along the way, but everything progressed nicely. I made sure the unit was plugged in and close to […]

Why You Should Consider Installing Windows 8 On Your MacBook Pro

installing windows 8 on macbook pro

There are two reasons you should consider installing Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system on your MacBook with BootCamp.  One, it’s Screaming FAST, and Two, for a limited time (through 1-31-2013), it’s CHEAP. Unfortunately, out of the box, Windows 8 is terrible on a non touch screen PC. The Metro interface is confusing, and Microsoft, […]