Why Is Blogging So Difficult?


I’ve been blogging for over 7 years now. In that time I’ve seen blogs go from relatively simple web interfaces to the current iteration which are incredibly complex, using thousands of lines of code. The standard Wordpress blog has grown exponentially in size and complexity. I didn’t realize how much things had changed, until I decided to go through John Saddington’s … [Read more...]

The iPad 3: Rumors and Questions


The rumor mill has been very active during the past few months on the specifications of the upcoming Apple iPad 3. While the rumors have been all over the place, the last few days have brought a lot of consolidation and a few supposed photos. Here are a few things that most rumor sites agree on about the new iPad. Same basic size and shape as current models with a … [Read more...]

iBooks Author Tutorial: First Take

ibooks author tutorial

The educational community was all abuzz over the last few weeks about the new interactive textbooks coming out from Apple. Instead of static pictures and text, these new books come alive with audio, video, and interactive diagrams and charts. These interactive texts are viewable on the iPad and other iOS devices. The creation software, iBooks Author, is a free download … [Read more...]

Electronics To Buy Your Wife for Christmas


I’m a guy. I like electronic gadgets. My eyes glow at the latest big screen TV, video game or computer. I love to hang out in Best Buy or Costco and peruse the electronics aisle. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t share the same passion. She likes strange things like chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. Things I can’t really relate to.. Every Christmas and birthday season, I … [Read more...]