Five Minute Flowchart

Years ago I had a job where I used the program Visio to create flowcharts. The program was in its early stages but the power of organization was wonderful. I could move the shapes anywhere I wanted and I could easily see the workflow that I was after. The nice thing was the ability to quickly move things around.

five minute flowchartThat is the power of the, “Five Minute Flowchart.” Print a half dozen business card flowchart sheets, break them apart, grab a Sharpie, and have fun. You’ll soon have a business card flowchart on your desk. Then you can start moving things around.

Don’t like this card here… then move it. Grab a different colored Sharpie and mark things up. Have fun… break the rules. Make yourself the CEO and add others below you. Send the workflow downstream. Create your own corporation.

This Microsoft Word based template allows you to add text from the computer or you can print them blank and enter text by hand. The template includes the 10 most popular shapes and arrows for basic flowcharts. You can cut and paste different shapes in your template to modify them the way you want. Add color and texture for added emphasis.

Once you have modified your template and printed it out, break all the cards apart and clip them together with a mini clip. Take this Flowchart Walleter to your next business meeting and wow your co-workers. People will be amazed at your creativity and organizational prowess. Pass out some cards and Sharpies and have a flowchart party. The creativity will soar and you just may find the answer you were looking for.

five minute flowchart desktop

Five Minute Flowchart Options:

  • Add color and texture to your shapes for added emphasis
  • Add other shapes and lines from the auto shape menu in Word
  • Print cards double sided for added versatility

Bottom Line: Have fun and be creative. I have found that this little tool is very helpful for many projects.

Update: Check out our new deluxe version with over 40 new symbols

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  1. says

    Hi, I just wanted to say that using flowcharts in this way is a fantastic idea. It’s great to have a visual representation of what needs to be done. Thank you for the excellent tip!

  2. says

    Again, a very cool idea. However I must admit I haven’t flowcharted for a long time and a key for the shapes would be useful for me.

    Thanks John!

  3. says

    Thanks for the update, Neil. As a database guy myself, I’ve actually found this is a useful tool especially in a meeting situation where you need to move things around and try things out.

    Happy flowcharting…


  4. winwinbert says

    I don’t mind ads, but when I’m new to your site and trying to figure out quickly whether you have something I can use, it’s incredibly irritating to have those adolescent flashing ads popping up in my face. When a site manager lets an advertiser wave his hairy ass in my face, I tend to think the site is more interested in seeming cool than being useful. Maybe I’ll check you again in a month or so and see if your site has grown up.

  5. says

    I’ve been doing this for some time, but here’s a tip that makes it even more fun.

    Office supply stores sell pre-cut flexible sheet magnets that have adhesive on one side so that you can stick business cards on them for distribution as refrigerator magnets.

    This way, the stack keeps itself together, and if you have steel/ceramic whiteboards like I have in my home, you can arrange them on the wall. That way they can take on a little more permanance than just laying on the desk, but can be re-arranged as needed over days, weeks, months, etc.

  6. Louie says

    really cool ideas! I notice there are not mac platform versions, tho I think I can translate the template.
    odd that Windows users need a paper backup for their systems *wink*

  7. says

    This Microsoft Word based template allows you to add text from the computer or you can print them blank and enter text by hand. The template includes the 10 most popular shapes and arrows for basic flowcharts. But there are some other flowchart software too. Some are smaller and easy to use to draw flow diagram, network diagrams such as edraw, flowcharter than visio.

  8. marie says

    thanks for the tips… did not think about it before..; great, fast and efficient… soooooo simple… why do not we think about it before ?

  9. Tommy says

    Thanks John.

    I’ve wondered what is faster, pen and paper or an online diagramming tool? The digital flowchart option is now on the browser and tablets which you usually have access to, but then again, you always have access to your wallet. I timed pulling out my wallet against going to Lucidchart and think you win, as long as its not too large a flowchart :)

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