Four and a Half Reasons to Buy an iPad 2

I purchased my iPad 2 the first day they came out. I waited 3 hours in line and I got the last unit in the store. Since it was the last one, I didn’t have to make any decisions on which one to get. It’s white with 16 gig memory, wi-fi only.

After using it for a week, I’ve found some things that I really like about the unit that have really changed the way I work with technology. I’ve tried some different programs and have come to the conclusion that there are at least four and a half reasons you should consider buying one.

1. Garage Band: This is without a doubt one of the best programs you can buy for the iPad. It’s only $4.99, but it packs an incredible amount of fun and hours of learning into a bright and colorful interface. You can play a multitude of instruments, either alone or in smart mode with accompaniment. The best way to see what this program can do is watch the guided tour video.

2. iMovie: Like garage band, iMovie has been optimized to work with the iPad2 and the price is an incredible $4.99. It works seamlessly with the two cameras in the unit and allows you to quickly capture and edit video clips from the built in lenses or external units. I found the interface to be intuitive and with a little practice, able to create polished clips that work well on my blog. Take the tour here.

3. Smart Cover: The new cover for the iPad2 has been completely redesigned and is as revolutionary as the iPad itself. The covers come in polyurethane or leather and have a magnetic attachment strip on one end. This strip automatically aligns the cover perfectly with just a click. The cover turns the unit off when in place and turns it on when opened. With a few folds the cover acts as a prop for typing or as an easel for viewing content. This short video shows you just how cool this is.

4. The Intelligent Keyboard and Blogpress: If you are a blogger, you will love the onscreen smart keyboard used in conjunction with the Blogpress program. You can quickly compose posts and articles anywhere you can take the iPad. Blogpress allows you to quickly import graphics and videos and post them to your favorite blog site. The keyboard auto-corrects your typing and automatically capitalizes new sentences. If you have a 3G model, you can blog anywhere there is cell service. This makes blogging fast and easy.

1/2. There are at least half million other reasons to buy one, but the best way to see if an iPad is for you is to drop by an Apple Store and have a helpful Apple rep show you all that they can do.

Question: What unique uses can you imagine for an iPad?


  1. says

    We’ve been enjoying Google Earth in the bigger form. I’d never used it with my daughter before, and the other day we zoomed all the way to our house and started investigating streets we know well from real life. I also love the Face Time app!

    • John Richardson says

      I remember the first time I used Google Earth… it made the world seem small. The iPad can be used as a large screen GPS which actually becomes very useful.

  2. says

    As a school principal, I use the iPad to conduct teacher evaluations and classroom walk-throughs. I have a Google form which allows me to check items off as I see them as well as make brief notes. When I hit the “submit” button, everything goes to a spreadsheet, thus completely eliminating tons of paper work.

    I also typed this comment on my iPad. Blogs and other websites look great on this device!

    I agree: there are at least half a million reasons to get one!

    • John Richardson says

      We are looking into using the iPad in the district where I work with our SIS system and for teacher evaluations. It will allow administrators to have portable access to student data for emergencies etc.

    • Heather says

      Hi – I’m replying to Kerry…how do you get the completed feedback form/info to the individual teacher as well as submitting to the google docs data base/spreadsheet?

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