Holiday Coupons & New Friends

With Christmas and the Holidays only a few weeks away I though I would bring a little cheer with some last minute coupons and deals. Be sure to print these out and use them quickly as most expire soon.

Borders $10 off $40 or more Exp 12/31/05

Barnes & Noble 10% off in-store Exp 12-11

Hammacher Schlemmer Private Sale has a $15 off $100 Code: NVAY8J6AJF Exp 12/10
“Excludes computers, Verizon, Sharper Image, Infinity, Velodyne, Bose, Polk, HP MP3 Players, Apple, Kicker, MTX Thunder, Sony XBR TVs, LG, Akai, ESA, outlet, and Circuit City Gift Card purchases.”

Target 10% off – New iPods including Nano has a new 10% off code: TCADVCBN Exp Soon

Rei-Outlet has an extra 20% off 1 Item with Code: GMHAY Exp 12/9
offer not valid on bikes, boats, Suunto or Oakley products

Dell Home: Coupon codes

$250 off Select Inspiron Notebooks $999+ (Excludes XPS)
Code: CX?3T9KJQ6X1T9 Exp 12/15 Th 5:59am CT or after 4000 uses

$500 off Select Inspiron Notebooks $1499+ (Excludes XPS)
Code: 8QG$0WW01?GKBQ Exp 12/15 5:59am CT or after 4000 uses

$750 off Select Inspiron Notebooks $1999+ (Excludes XPS)
Code: $3?LLG4GJKCNFR Exp 12/15 5:59am CT or after 4000 uses

Success Begins Today has some new blogging friends that I think you should visit while surfing the Blogosphere. All of these folks were kind enough to leave comments and be part of the conversation here.

Jesse Skinner has a great blog about success and web development. It’s called ‘The Future of the Web” and he has some great content. Drop Jesse a line if you have web design questions or need a site upgrade.

António Costa dropped me a line about his new business blog about analysis of actual trends of some Nasdaq and Nyse Stocks. It’s called AC Investor Blog and it is written in Portuguese. Some interesting charts and graphs for you stock market guru’s. António does have a Portuguese to English translater online.

Hoe Bing has a blog dedicated to the study of ADHD. He has live updates of the latest developments in the field of psychology, neuropsychology and nutritional medicine that will help eliminate ADHD. If this is an interest of yours check out the ADHD podcaster here

Phil Gerbyshak says to “Make It a Great Day”. Check out his positive and uplifting blog here.

As Phil says… Make it a Great Day… Today!

Have a Successful Thursday! Happy Shopping!


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    Hey thanks, John! I’m happy to be part of the discussion here. And absolutely, if anyone wants to talk about web stuff, they can send me an email (there is a link from my site) or just write comments on the site.

    I must correct you though..there is no ‘i’ in Jesse. No worries though =)

    Thanks again!


  2. says

    Thanks for the typo correction Jesse, I made the changes in the post. It’s funny how you can look at something and not even see it. I am forever finding little typos here and there that MS Word doesn’t catch and I don’t see on the first go-round. All of a sudden there is a glaring TYPO staring you in the face…

    I was putting together a program a while back for a Toastmasters event and I was entering the list of participants from E-mails that I received from different areas. One gal had a name that was spelled 3 different ways in three different e-mails. I picked the one that looked to be correct as I had no time to verify… Never fails… she had a Scandinavian spelling on both her first and last name… Double Typo… Argggh!

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    Any time you plan to visit a museum, amusement park, or other activity check to see if there are actually coupons supplied anywhere. Plenty of instances you’ll come across buy 1 get 1 no cost coupons for such outings and that is often a great savings for the trip. You’ll be able to ordinarily acquire this out by looking on the web or calling the chamber of commerce inside the location of the event. Internet auctions like Yahoo! Auctions and eBay provide you lots of opportunities to benefit from discount coupons that other people are selling too.

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