iPad 2: The Ultimate Blogging Machine?

I’ve been a blogger for over 6 years and have used many different computers and software programs to create blog posts. While blogging has radically evolved over the past few years, it actually has become more time consuming to create a post than ever before.

First you have to write the post, edit the content, and add any links, photos, and video clips. Then you have to upload the post to WordPress and add any additional graphics for thumbnails and featured sections. It’s also a good idea to run the post through Scribe and optimize it for SEO.

This whole process can actually double the time it actually takes to just write the post. I realized the secret to blogging frequently is to make the creation process as easy as possible.

Over the past few days I’ve been experimenting with streamlining the whole blogging process. First I changed my blog template to a simpler one, doing away with a rotating featured graphic and large thumbnails. This has reduced my prep time considerably.

The other big step has been to create my posts on the new iPad2. Using the Blogpress program, I am able to quickly and easily create a post with text and formatted graphics. The iPad2 keyboard is quick and easy to use and the auto-correct feature makes my typing much more efficient. I can actually type faster on the iPad than my regular PC.

The iPad2 may just be the ultimate blogger’s machine. You can take it almost anywhere and the dual cameras allow you to take photos or video clips and add them directly to your post. The keyboard is quick and you can wirelessly upload your post in matter of minutes.

While you can do a similar thing with most smartphones, the bigger size of the iPad makes it much easier to accomplish. The really cool thing with the iPad2 is the smart-cover. You can use it as a keyboard prop in your lap or desk for a better typing angle and then turn it over into easel mode for doing video. You have to see this demonstrated to see how cool this really is.

Overall, I will be posting some reviews of the process and let you know how well it works. So far I’m really impressed…

Question: Have you tried an iPad2 yet?


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    Hi John, I would like to do a heads up comparison between the new MacBook Air and the iPad 2 for different tasks. For blogging, I really like the iPad 2 with two cameras and a self correcting on-screen keyboard. I like the smart cover and the fact that I can now do most tasks with one machine. To me the iPad 2 is a game changer. It’s really fast and the new Garage Band and iMovie apps really add functionality.

    The big difference between the two is the input device. It’s a trackpad versus touch screen. They each have their advantages, but all around I really like the touch screen. The other is the price. I can pick up two iPads for the price of one MacBook Air.

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    I bought an iPad (1st-gen) just before the MacBook Air was released.

    If I had known I could have spent twice the money for way more than twice the capability, I would have held off.

    I’m gonna agree with Mr. Saddington here, at least in terms of capability. I find that the *final* editing of a blogpost is so difficult to do on the iPad, because there are always a few more little things to change, and a lot of jumping around and scrolling.

    While I may cave in and get an iPad2 (most likely if I give my iPad in short order to my wife), I’m most looking forward to getting a small Air.

    That being said, where did the iPad truly shine for me? As a piece of quality recording equipment for conducting interviews! Amazing. (For the record, my iPhone/iPod could have done the same. But I found the microphone on the iPad slightly superior.)

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    I agree Jeff about the final settings on a blog post. My former WordPress template required a lot of graphics prep for thumbnails and featured graphics. I had to create and size things in Photoshop and then upload them to the server. Then I had to make settings changes on the WordPress interface itself for that particular post. This took 20 to 30 minutes at times.

    My new template is much simpler so I can put up a basic post with graphics from the iPad. I actually think I’ll end up with a hybrid solution many times where I’ll write and put up a draft post with the iPad and finish things up on a PC. The new iPad with cameras allows for a lot more options right from the iPad itself.

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