Keep This Secret To Yourself!

In my last post, I talked about how to get a job promotion. It all comes down to “Making your boss look good.” The post listed books that will help you make your boss look good on paper, in numbers, and on the screen.

While making your boss look good is important, you need to keep a few things in reserve. You need your own secret weapon. While you need to make your boss look good, you need to be able to look incredible.

So how do you do this?

Here is a little known secret that can take YOUR documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to a whole new level.


Just pick up this book, download the templates, and go for it.

The author, Stephanie Krieger, helps you take your documents to the next level by using the interactive tools in Microsoft Office. She’ll show you how to take your outline out of Word and create an automatic Powerpoint in just a few clicks. She’ll have you designing graphics for all of your documents in Powerpoint and will teach you how to create amazing graphs and charts in Excel.

Her first book, Document Designer, was a creative classic. This book is even better. If you want to have the best looking documents and presentations at work, pick up this edition. Make it your own personal secret for Job advancement!

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