Kindle Publishing: Fundamental Writing Tools

Now that you have seen the advantages of writing an eBook, and looked at some available niches, it’s time to get organized. To put your book together, I suggest that you gather some useful items to make the job easier and more streamlined. Here is a short list of fundamentally cool tools that can help you put all the pieces together when starting on your amazing eBook writing project. After all, you want to have fun doing this!

1. Get a Bright Colored Expandable Folder.

With almost any project, you’ll soon find that you collect documents, photos, newspaper articles, magazine clippings, and all sorts of other odd shaped objects that don’t neatly fit into a notebook. You need a place to capture all these wayward items, so you can find them when you need them.


I’ve tried numerous capture solutions over the years, but for physical odds and ends, I love a bright expandable folder. You can buy a set of multi colored ones at most office supply stores. A set of five will get you started with your book publishing empire and will cost you less than twenty bucks.

As an additional bonus, you can also purchase some individual bright colored file folders that help you keep your paper documents separated. These slide right into your expandable folder. You might create one for photographs, and another for magazine articles.

If you are an organizing geek like I am, having individual folders will make your brain happy. And we all know that a happy brain makes for better writing! If bright colors don’t fit your genre, these folders are also available in classic green and brown, as well as high gloss back and white.

2. Get a Notebook or Journal

There is nothing like having a paper journal to capture your book ideas in one consistent place. I suggest that you get one that matches your personality. Don’t cheap out here. This is your book and your writing. Get one that motivates you.

moleskine-cahier-notebooks (1)

For me, I prefer a Moleskine Classic Notebook. These are just down right cool. I feel like Hemingway when I write in mine. Somehow, the words just flow better.

I suggest that you pick one up for each one of your writing projects. But here is the BIG secret. Shhh… don’t tell anybody this. Just between me and you, I can tell you that the more writing and ideas you put into one of these, the better your finished book will be. Trust me on this! There is nothing better than filling one or more of these up.

3. Get a Cool Pen

If you are a writer of any caliber, you know that your words are special. No one else can write like you do. While much of your compiling will probably be done on a computer or tablet, I suggest you plan out and write your eBook ideas and thoughts on paper.


To do this, you need a pen that matches your unique personality. This is SO important! Think about your topic and choose wisely. These are your words and your thoughts. You don’t want to cripple your writing time with a feeble writing instrument.

Find a pen that is comfortable in your hand and that writes clearly and legibly. Choose a color and style that matches your genre. When you write, your eyes will constantly see your pen moving on the page. A good pen will bring good words, a great pen will create a masterpiece.

Let’s get something straight. You are a writer. Your craft is putting words on paper. Don’t scrimp or cheap out here. If you give a damn about your prose, pick a fantastic pen.

Your Writing Toolkit

Before you do anything electronic to create your book, get some basic writing and collection tools in place. While I’m a tech geek at times, there is nothing better than grabbing a pen and paper and creating.

If you are reading this, I know one thing. You’re not an ordinary writer. You put passion and feeling into your work. You don’t want to just slam a book up to Amazon and see if it sticks. You want a little bit of you to go with it. After all, these are YOUR words we’re talking about.

Notebook or journal and pen

So before you get out the technology, pick up the classics. Spend a few bucks and put a real pen in your hands. Select the perfect journal, and fill it with ideas. Organize some folders and collect photos, clippings and documents. If you do, your book will be better and you will enjoy the process much more than just sitting down in front of a blank screen..

Tomorrow we’ll take our fundamental writing tools and put them on steroids. Be sure to join us as we create the ultimate writing environment. I can’t wait to show you the special edition Moleskines and amazing writing sets that will motivate you to excellence!

Question: What’s in your writer’s toolkit?