Putting Together Our FAST Planner

In my last post, I talked about creating a document to track our progress on a long term goal using the FAST method which includes…

1. Focused work means working on one thing at a time. You turn off all distractions such as e-mail, web browsers, and close your door if possible, and focus on one key task.

2. Accountable means setting a short term and long term goal for your project and letting someone else hold you accountable for completing the task.

3. Scheduled means setting a time and place for your focused activities and also setting a completion schedule with milestones along the way.

4. Time is the amount of focused time you will spend on each interval of the project and also the amount of days or weeks to complete the project.

Looking at our objectives above, we’ll need to include the following items.

  • Our Name and some personal information
  • The focused time period we plan to work (example: 48 minutes)
  • The scheduled time for the focused time period (example: 6 to 8 am)
  • The location we plan to work on our project
  • The time period to reach our goal (example: Twelve weeks)
  • Milestones along the way to keep us on track (example: weekly review)
  • Completion date and intended results (example: lose 12 pounds by Oct 15)
  • Checklist that will mark mark daily/weekly completion
  • A list of people that will hold us accountable and contact information
  • Tools and supplies needed for success

The goal will be to include these items on a one-sheet planner in an organized fashion for quick reference and a place to check off completed items. It will need to be laid out in such a way that completed items can be checked off easily and our progress seen at a glance.

Over the weekend I’ll design a basic prototype and we’ll give it a try. Stay tuned.

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