Speaking: Creating a Video Presence

Can I be real honest with you. I love public speaking. There is nothing better than standing in front of an audience and sharing my thoughts, ideas, passions, and experiences. The energy from the audience is contagious… it fires me up. The experience of looking out across an audience and seeing the light bulbs turn on over their heads is powerful. They get it! This energy fires up passion. My voice becomes loud and expressive. My deep felt emotions come out. At times it can be an almost religious experience.

I have a mission… I want to take this passion and share it with an online audience.

I have just one BIG problem.


Standing in front of a video camera is not the same as an audience.

It gives you NO feedback.

There is NO energy.

The red light just blinks…

It really gets bad if I’m doing a Powerpoint presentation. Trying to relate the information on slides makes me have to think while speaking. It uses a different part of my brain. My speech becomes monotone, my passion is lost. It’s just down right boring.

Yet there has to be a way to do this.

There has to be a way to capture the best parts of speaking on tape.

There has to be a way to instill emotion and passion in a video presentation.

There has to be a way to share a story that moves an audience.

I’ve seen it before.

I’ve heard the powerful words.

I’ve felt the emotion.

Now I need to figure out how to do it!

That’s my challenge for next week… create a video presence…

If you have any ideas, or can share speakers who are doing it right, please leave a comment below. Thank you for your input!


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    I’ve toyed with video a bit here and there (revamping and doing more with it soon) and the one thing I noticed that worked best was to actually have someone else in the room, somewhere behind the camera that I could look at.

    They should remain quiet so they don’t disrupt the audio in the video, but you’ll be able to look at them and from their eyes and posture you should be able to get a good read on their emotions and the connection you’re making.

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    I just started doing videos myself and you’re right. It’s tough to ‘perform’ to a camera. One of the things I’m considering is using a teleprompter so that I can focus less on what to say and focus more on how to say it. There are a lot of video on youtube on DIY teleprompters.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing the videos.

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