Success Kit: 12 Habits to Better Communication

When I was a kid I received a new erector set for Christmas one year. It was cool because it had all the pieces I needed to create all sorts of things. I was able to create buildings, cars, and even powered toys. It was so cool because it had everything that I needed in one package. It was a complete kit!

I would like to introduce you to the concept of a success kit.

The idea is to take an existing success program such as Weight Watchers, Body for Life, or Toastmasters and tie it into our concept of 12 habits. We break the program down into one month increments and add a new habit each month that ties in with the program. At the end of the year you will have developed 12 new habits and made the program easier to follow since we have focused on one element each month.

The habits reinforce values and items from the existing program and help make the program a permanent success.

My goal this year is to create some success kits that you can download and use with current success programs. A one year succession of habits that will take you closer to your goal. I am collaborating with people who have been successful in different professional success programs to develop habit resources that will enhance their existing materials.

The kits will be located in our articles section and include a simple printout that will list the 12 new habits. These habits can be modified to work with your unique situation and are designed to be simple and easy to do.

Our first kit is one that is really exciting to me. It is based on Toastmasters International Communications and Leadership program. We have taken the 10 basic speeches that come with the program and designed compatible habits to help enhance each one. We have added an introductory habit and one that will help you branch out into professional speaking.

The 12 habits for Effective Communication are…
1. The “Yes” habit
2. Write your stories down
3. Collecting Information
4. Listening
5. Vivid Descriptions
6. Watch Other Speakers
7. Vocal Variety
8. Research
9. Props
10. Problem Solving
11. Be Inspired
12. Opportunities

Here is an excerpt from the”12 Habits to Better Communication” article

I have a bright and shiny Success Kit for you. It has 12 pieces that can help you become a better communicator. The neat thing… it’s all here. It’s a proven package and thousands of people from all over the world have found success with it. It doesn’t cost much (under a $100) and it takes only a year to complete. Each piece of the kit takes a month to finish and the results can change your life.

The name of the kit is Toastmasters and it comes in a large white envelope. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside. As we open the envelope we see that there is a book called the Communication and Leadership manual. It has 10 speech projects in it and it will be the main focus of our success program. We also have a membership certificate to Toastmasters International and some smaller pamphlets on other aspects of the program. It looks interesting!

Let’s break the program down month by month and see how it works…

We will be expanding our list of “success kits” and other habit development resources over the coming months. I am excited about the potential that they hold for success in 2006.

Success Kit for Better Communication


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    What a great idea! I love it. I’m committed to following your 12 Habits plan for 2006. And I can’t wait to see what kind of Success Kits you create. Thank you for your leadership and creativity.

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