Flash Foresight: 3 Ways To Rock Your Business


If you have a small business or are an entrepreneur, you know how hard it can be to compete in this current marketplace. You need an edge, but it’s hard to know where to go for help. You’re following the crowd, but the crowd seems to be headed for a cliff. Today, I have some […]

How To Anticipate The Future


In today’s post I want to take you through the process of anticipation. This is the second principle in the book, Flash Foresight by Daniel Burrus. We’ll take a look at our proposed Relevant Light Seminar through the eyes of an audience member and try and anticipate their reaction to our stage play. How to […]

Do The Impossible


Over the past week, I’ve talked about making an impact and creating an impossible goal. A goal so big, you can’t possibly do it yourself. While having impossible dreams and setting goals is important, I want to give you some tips on execution. I want to show you how to actually do the impossible. Up […]