The New iPad: A Graphics Powerhouse


As the new iPad was announced earlier this week, I was watching the live blogs about the new features it would include. The pundits and rumor blogs were pretty accurate this time. The new iPad 3 features… Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 Resolution (WOW!) A5X Processor with Quad Core Graphics iSight5 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera for 1080P Video with … [Read more...]

Four and a Half Reasons to Buy an iPad 2


I purchased my iPad 2 the first day they came out. I waited 3 hours in line and I got the last unit in the store. Since it was the last one, I didn't have to make any decisions on which one to get. It's white with 16 gig memory, wi-fi only. After using it for a week, I've found some things that I really like about the unit that have really changed the way I work with … [Read more...]