Do You Give a DAM About Your Life?

do you give a dam about your life?

When you wake up in he morning, do you feel energized to face the day, or are you beat down, going through the motions? Is there excitement in your life? Are you looking forward to something, or are you just letting life happen, one mundane task after the other? The real question is… Do you […]

STRONG Goals: Timing Is Everything!


They are coming for you. Demanding your attention. Everywhere you look, they’re there. They might be red and flashing, or green and sublime… but they are insidious. They will take your most precious resource and consume it entirely. I’m talking about DISTRACTIONS. It might be your web browser, it might be Facebook. The phone may […]

5 Year Personal Development Plan


Where will you be in 5 years? What will your life be like? What will you do for a living? These are questions that many of us think about this time of year. When I look back at previous choices that I have made in my life I realize what profound differences a simple decision […]