Weekly Wrap Up: Motivational Speaking


This was our fifth theme based week on Success Begins Today. The theme was motivational speaking and featured a speech planning sheet.. Theme: Motivational Speaking Monday: How To Become a Motivational Speaker An overview of motivational speaking and the P.A.R. method Tuesday: Becoming a Motivational Speaker: Part 2 Have you accomplished great things or been […]

Create A Powerful Speech In Record Time With Evernote


As a speaker I’m often asked to share with an audience with just a few minutes notice. It may be that the speaker for the event can’t make it, or someone is out sick. Other times, I may need to speak about a job related subject, or something I’ve blogged about. While I usually have […]

Four Ways To Make Your Next Presentation Better


Here is a simple mantra that can help you laser focus your next speech or presentation. It actually works best to act it out. Here is how it works… Stand facing a mirror and… 1: Touch Your Head: Make Them Think. The first rule of speaking is to offer compelling facts and figures that will […]