Creating a Motivational Business Video


Have you ever wanted to create a motivational video for your business, product, or presentation but didn’t know where to start? This week I’ll take you through the process of creating a motivational video using readily available consumer technology. We’ll look at the different tools that are available along with the process of planning, writing, and producing the actual video … [Read more...]

Create A Powerful Speech In Record Time With Evernote


As a speaker I'm often asked to share with an audience with just a few minutes notice. It may be that the speaker for the event can't make it, or someone is out sick. Other times, I may need to speak about a job related subject, or something I've blogged about. While I usually have a lot of ideas flowing around in my head, they may not pertain to the subject matter of the … [Read more...]

Speaking Tip: Look Me In The Eye


If you are a speaker, you know the value of eye contact. It helps you develop rapport with your audience and gives them a sense of connection with you. There are many techniques for developing good eye contact but one of the easiest and best is very simple... Look at the person and make a mental note of their eye color. This may sound strange at first, but it requires that … [Read more...]

Four Ways To Make Your Next Presentation Better


Here is a simple mantra that can help you laser focus your next speech or presentation. It actually works best to act it out. Here is how it works... Stand facing a mirror and... 1: Touch Your Head: Make Them Think. The first rule of speaking is to offer compelling facts and figures that will make your audience think. You may have to go a little outside the box to draw … [Read more...]

Keep Your Eyes On Your Audience


I’ve been speaking to audiences for years and the one thing that is a must is to stay engaged with your audience. You can’t turn your back, or read from a screen and maintain their attention. Yet most presenters use Powerpoint and read from the screen. Depending on the room, their eyes may not make contact with the audience for minutes at a time. As I have moved into the … [Read more...]