Three Simple Ways To Change Your Life

This Sunday is the two year anniversary of this blog. I have been putting together some ideas to take what I’ve learned over the past two years and put together some multi-part posts. Some grand scheme ideas, incorporating many of the ideas I’ve read about in the 40 or more business books that have been part of my Personal MBA program.

But today I just want to write about some simple things. Things that have profoundly changed my life. Things that didn’t cost much and that most anyone can do. Just three simple things…

1. Go for a Walk. Walking has really changed my life in many ways. It is great exercise, it brings you out into the fresh air, and it opens up great learning experiences. Walking makes you feel good.

The best way to discover walking is to get a great pair of walking shoes. Good shoes make all the difference in the world. I have found that Saucony shoes work the best for me. These shoes are like magic. The soles are designed to propel you forward as you walk or run. I’ve had three pairs over the last few years and they have each been a little different. My suggestion is to try a few different pairs on in the store and try walking and striding. You’ll soon find a pair that feels right.

Once you have some good shoes, find some interesting places to walk. Where I live we have a great variety of places that work well. We have flood control roads along many of our creeks that are flat and uncongested. We have a mall that is great for walking in the winter or summer months. But the best places that I’ve found are our old downtowns. Old Town Temecula and Old Town Murrieta are amazing places. Their vibrant downtown cultures make walking fun and always end up being an adventure.

To finish off your walk take along a friend or family member. Walking and talking are simple pleasures that many of us never get to experience anymore. We travel by car everywhere and our mid-sections can attest to our lack of exercise. If you don’t have anyone to walk with, bring along an iPod or other audio player. There are volumes of great walking music or you can get immersed in an interesting audio book.

If it has been a while since you’ve gone for a walk… try it today. Even if it is just going around the block, you may rediscover one of life’s simple pleasures.

2. Get a Dog: I have two dogs. They are two of the greatest joys of my life. They are always there for me and really help cheer me up when I’m down. They don’t judge me and they are always glad to see me when I come home.

One is a buff colored Cocker Spaniel. She is one of the smartest dogs on the planet and I really think she is part human. She is a great companion and loves to do tricks. She gets up with me every morning at 4:30 and does her ritual of dog tricks for three biscuits. I can communicate with that dog better than I can most people. She doesn’t speak English, but  she understands me just the same.

My other dog is a Corgiranian (Corgy-Pomeranian). She is pure dog but a fun friend. She loves to play and run really fast without concern where she is going. She loves squeaky toys and she grabs them with her mouth and throws them into the air with abandon. If you scratch her back she’ll give you a great big dog smile.

Dogs have changed my life. They have rescued me from myself so many times. When I am down, they always seem to cheer me up. They love walks (see number 1) and always add to the conversation when other people see them.

If you really want to change your life for the better visit your local animal shelter and find a four legged friend. They will be eternally grateful and you’ll find one of the best friends in the world.

3. Read a Book: Open the pages of a book and you’ll find magic. Adventure and learning await on each page. Whether fiction or non-fiction, books can change your life. One may take you on a journey to the pyramids of egypt while another will peer into the deep recess’s of your mind.

I have found that audio books work well for me. I can listen while walking or driving on my iPod. Over the last two years I have discovered so many interesting things and visited so many wonderful places… all while listening to the pages of a great book.

If you have an iPod, adventure is waiting with the click of a download at the iTunes store. With thousands of Audio books to choose from you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy. is another great source or you can pickup audio CD’s from Amazon or your local bookstore.

Find a great book and listen to it while walking your dog… Simple Pleasures.

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  1. says

    I like the simplicity of your 3 simple ideas.

    I don’t have a dog but I borrow the neighbor’s dog, I love to read and listen to books, and I often jog but walking is good too and I often take walking breaks in my jog. These activities keep my life centered and balanced.

    Of course, I like to eat chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream too!


  2. says

    John, for some reason I haven’t advanced to an iPod. But good news is I now have a phone through which I can get MP3. I didn’t realize you can get audio-books this way. Tell me about learning something new every day!

  3. says

    Your simple ideas are great.

    Having a dog is indeed a good idea. They may not have things that only a real person can give, but there are also things that only a dog can give. They always greet you with joy everytime you arrive from work. They also have the loyalty that no man can give.

  4. says

    David, thanks for the comment and I agree about chocolate cake and ice cream. John… thanks for the kind words. Robyn… try downloading an audio book and you’ll soon find a whole world of learning that you can do while driving or walking. Alan, you are so right about a dog being loyal. My dogs are always there 24-7 with a great attitude and a wagging tail.


  5. says

    I have dogs too and I love them. I didn’t know that they changed my life, but they actually kind of did. Thier greetings are enough to lighten up my day, especially coming home from a stressful work.

  6. Julia says

    I’m curious for you to post your pictures of your “Corgiranian” as I have a pup and I thought my mother and I had coined that name. Love to see some pictures.

  7. Tijana says

    This is really amazing. I came across this website today and I think it is already my favorite. I’ve been trying to get involved with some blogs so I can get inspired and more familiar with hi-tech and it. You have great articles and you show a new way of sharing ideas and thoughts. Thank you. Greetings from Serbia.

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