The Top 5 Blogs to Follow

At the end of each year, I like to look back and review which blogs have made the greatest impact on me. While some blogs come and go, others are perennial favorites. Without further ado… here are my choices of blogs that you should follow in the coming year.

top blogs to follow. top-5-bloggers

1. Skip Prichard: New on the scene in 2012, Skip’s blog has taken off like a match on gasoline. It has literally exploded over the last few months. Skip is the former CEO of Ingram Books, and a person who knows an amazing list of people. You come to Skip’s blog for one reason.. his interviews.

Skip shares the insights of many key authors, business people, and industry insiders in his video productions. Professionally done, these clips will take you inside the thoughts and views of an amazing list of people.

In 2012 some of his highlights were…

Check out his list of 2012 interviews with over fifty thought leaders. Fabulous insights here! If you want to be inspired, add Skip’s blog to your RSS feed.

2. Jeff Goins: Jeff is an amazing blogger. To meet him, he just seems like Joe-ordinary guy. But put him in front of a word processor, and magic happens. When Jeff writes, things happen. In 2012, Jeff launched an e-book called You are a Writer which hit #3 on Amazon and added thousands of subscribers to his blog.

This subscriber base came out in force in when his first traditionally published book came out in August. Entitled Wrecked, this book flew off the shelves and went into a second printing almost immediately. All this happened while Jeff and his Wife had their first child.

But Jeff didn’t stop there, he signed a second book contract, was called on to speak at major conferences, and put together an online writing course that had an initial sign-up of over 700 people. If you like to write, follow Jeff Goins. His resources will change your writing life!

3. Michael Hyatt: If you want to start a business, write a book, or make a difference in your life, be sure to check out Michael Hyatt’s blog. As the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael blogs about Leadership, Personal Development, and Building Your Platform. In 2012, Michael launched a new book entitled Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World . This book took off and soon made the New York Times bestseller list. Based on his experiences building his blog and online platform, this book will help you find your unique niche and share it with the world.

Michael also put together an incredible online audio course for writers , and a weekly podcast entitled This Is Your Life (Which quickly went into the upper echelons of podcast rankings). These resources are incredibly helpful. If you are serious about writing, pick up Michael’s audio course. It has over 20 hours of insider information about the publishing business and what it takes to be successful.

Michael has become a good friend over the years, and really puts his heart and soul into what he does. If you want to make the New Year a successful one, follow this guy on his blog and podcast and be sure to pick up his book. Your Platform will thank you…

4. Joel Friedlander: The Book Designer. If you have ever thought about writing and publishing a book, Joel is a guy you’ll want to know. His blog is an incredible resource for authors. He has technical insights into Self PublishingBook Covers and even amazing insights into Typography and Fonts. What I really enjoy about Joel’s blog, is his industry insights.

This guy lives publishing and he takes you inside this world of ink, paper, and pixels and explains how to create your own masterpiece. In my ongoing publishing adventure, I’ve learned so much from following Joel and devouring his in-depth articles. To help you get started he offers a free eBook entitled 10 Things You Need To Know About Self-Publishing . Be sure to pick this up and make the New Year the time that you get your book done!

5. Kristen Lamb’s Blog: Sometimes it’s just fun to take a time-out from serious work and read something a little more light hearted. That’s where Kristen’s blog comes in. She has a wonderful way with words and an incredible sense of humor. I really find her blog to be a blast to read. Kristen is an author, freelance editor, and a wonderful speaker. She has two best selling books out, We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer that are laugh out loud funny, but also very insightful. To give you an idea of the fun you’ll find on her site, check out some of these titles…

Honorable Mentions: There are so many great blogs, I certainly couldn’t do justice with a list of only five. Here are a few more that might interest you…

Overall: Please share your top blogs to follow in the comments below. Have a great 2013!


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