Top Three Movies For Success

I ran into a post by Mary DeMuth where she described a simple test to help you find your one true thing, where your greatest passion aligns with the worlds greatest need. While I’m not sure if the exercise goes this far, it is a lot of fun and very insightful.

All you do is name your top three movies of all time and find a theme that ties them all together. This theme will supposedly be where your passion aligns with the worlds greatest need.

I did a little experiment and asked my friends and co-workers for their top three movies and we tried to come up with a resulting theme. We laughed a lot, but in most cases the results were pretty true to form.

There were some overlapping movies that multiple people mentioned…

Shawshak Redemption

Sound of Music

John Wayne

Wizard of Oz

My top three were…


Rear Window

Forrest Gump

For my three movies, the integrating themes are mystery, interesting people, facing fear head on, and the ability for ordinary people to do incredible things. Works pretty well with my personal development outlook.


I put together a quick download in MS Word that you can print out and pass out to your friends.

Download the Zip file and follow these simple instructions:

  1. Write your top three movies in the top boxes.
  2. Write down keywords or phrases from each movie in the box provided
  3. Write down the overarching themes in the combo box
  4. Write down a sentence that ties everything together.

Have fun. You’ll be amazed what a great conversation starter this is!

If you have trouble thinking of movies, the IMBD database will get you started.


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    Love this post. I was just this morning thinking about movies for success as far as people who might want to become writers. I think of Stranger than Fiction. Possibly the only movie with Will Ferrell that I love. I love how the author's struggle becomes such a focal point of the movie. Again, thank you for this.

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