Weekly Wrap Up: Design Essentials

Design Essentials

Here are some design essentials and ideas to think about…


Theme: Design Essentials

Monday: Design Week
A text-graphic describing our week

Tuesday: Design a Better Website
Creating a website for your business or profession used to be hard. Not any longer…

Wednesday: Design a Better Presentation
Have you ever sat through an agonizing PowerPoint Presentation? Here is a better way

Friday: Design Your Ideal Week
A tongue-in-cheek post about over-planning your week with some help from Michael Hyatt

Links mentioned during the week:

How to better control your time by designing your ideal week

Daily Planner

Nancy Duarte



Studio Press

Additional References:

Nancy Duarte’s Talk from TEDxEast: You Can Change the World

Kim Garst: How-To Guide on Circles for Google+ Users

Scott Cowley: Creative Ways To Exploit Twitter For Link Building

Thanks for joining us this week. Next week’s theme will be metaphor, with a powerful free download, free tools, and some interesting surprises. Make sure to sign up for our RSS feed, our FB Fan page, and join us on Twitter. We are also on Google+ now.

What Design Essentials Do You Use?


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