Weekly Wrap Up: Motivational Speaking

This was our fifth theme based week on Success Begins Today. The theme was motivational speaking and featured a speech planning sheet..


Theme: Motivational Speaking

Monday: How To Become a Motivational Speaker
An overview of motivational speaking and the P.A.R. method

Tuesday: Becoming a Motivational Speaker: Part 2
Have you accomplished great things or been through a major adversity? Why not speak…

Wednesday: Public Speaking: Going From Free to Fee
How to actually make money speaking…

Friday: Create Custom Resources for Your Speaking Business
Match your resources to your audience with these low cost items…

Links mentioned during the week:

Toastmasters World Championship of Speaking.

Darren LaCroix

Ed Tate

Simple P.A.R. worksheet

Nancy Duarte’s Powerful TED speech


Weddel’s Online Association Directory

Sheryl Roush’s Well Organized One-Sheet

Additional References:

How To Bring Out The Best In People by Janet Calloway

Kim Garst: A Guide To The New Twitter Interface (Update Your Speaker’s Page!)

Neon Sunglasses For Your Audience

Thanks for joining us this week. Next week’s theme will be Marketing Resources, with creative free downloads, free graphic tools, and some interesting surprises. Make sure to sign up for our RSS feed, our FB Fan page, and join us on Twitter. We are also on Google+ now.

Congratulations to Dr. Jeanne Nelson for winning the Humorous Speaking Contest with our local Toastmasters Club and a very funny look at who should really be cooking in the kitchen. Her speech, To Cook or Not to Cook is a great example of including humor in your speech.

Have a Great Weekend


  1. says

    John, aloha. What a wonderful surprise to me included in your blog. Thank you so much for that and for the introduction to your blog and your other links. John, i know I will enjoy going through the other links. Your blog is the type I enjoy so much. In fact, I have already shared it with my twitter stream.

    Look forward to seeing you again soon. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • John Richardson says

      Thanks Janet. I have found so many useful items on your blog. What a great resource for anyone interested in social media or networking.

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