What Do You Want?

I was talking on the phone last night to a small group of people in a mastermind group. The question of the evening was, What is holding you back? It was an interesting question. Most of the people in the group are looking for greater success in 2012, in their business or personal lives.

During the conversation we talked about limiting factors. It might be fear, or procrastination or the ever present distractions of life. While there were plenty of factors, the main thing that came to light was…

Things aren’t like they used to be.

The last two or three years have made a devastating change in people’s lives.

Long time corporate jobs have ended.

Sales are down or non-existent.

Pay cuts have come.

Security is gone.

Life has changed.

While these changes have been hard, the main thing that came to light was finding a clear direction forward.

Where do we go from here?

On of the women in the group, who is in real estate, shared an interesting anecdote.

In the past she had worked for a large builder in one of the sales offices. Her life was organized, she had goals and quotas, and she knew exactly where she was going. Her identity was her job.

Life was good.

Now that that job is gone, she has to figure things out for herself.

The goals and the path aren’t so clear.

Another person shared a plethora of new ideas for her future. She has 10 or 15 competing ideas. Her problem is trying to decide which path to take.

I shared about the looming pay cuts where I work and what that means to the workforce.

Everyone shared the distractions, the confusion, and trying to find a way forward.

It became clear to me, that in this current ever changing economy, people are having a hard time finding a clear path.

We need to whittle down the options.

We need to set goals.

We need to figure out what we want.

It used to be you got a job with a big corporation and they provided a paycheck, retirement and security.

Now, for many people, that reality is gone.

We need to re-create ourselves.

The good news is, this is a wonderful time of opportunity.


There are a lot of paths to take.

We just need to figure out the right one…

We’ll talk about that in our next post.

Question: What Path are you currently on?


  1. Joan says

    In response to the question, What do I want? I want to buy the condo that I’ve bee staying within the next few months. My sister owns it and wants to sell it a.s.a.p! At the moment, except for a tiny part time job I’m unemployed and have been on and off for some time now. However, on the up side, I’ve a book, which is expected to be released as an e-book in April on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
    What are your thoughts?

  2. Megan says

    Great post John! I love reading your blog and I always learn something new from you. Keep up the great work :)

  3. says

    An interesting post. I agree things are not so predictable as they used to be. It comes down to conditions creating uncertainty. We have 3 core needs: food – to have the ability to feed ourselves, shelter – somewhere to live and relationships – a network of people around us. I would like to include another core need – an ability to produce an income whether it be through a job or be self employed.

    • John Richardson says

      A job is certainly necessary to fulfill the other needs of food and shelter. Thanks for your comment, Janice.

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