Six Little Known PC Hotkeys That Improve Productivity

pc hotkeys
As a trainer, I work with many people that use web based software on PC computers. My job is to make their lives easier by making their PC experience more efficient. One way to do this is through the use of hotkeys. Learning a few common keystrokes can make routine items like copying (control-c) and pasting (control-v) much faster and work in places where mouse clicks may not work effectively.

Lately, I’ve discovered six additional hotkey combinations that my users love. While these have been around for a while, many people are unaware of them. I train mainly in school districts with teachers and administrators, with their computers located in classrooms, offices and other public places.  This placement often presents security challenges with students as well as having to share their computers with other faculty. [Read more…]

Programming Your Inner Robot

Futurists tell us this may be the year of the robot. Soon we’ll be able to buy our own programmable machine to do work for us. While these will be helpful , they will come with limitations and a life cycle. Just like humans, they will need rest and recharging. The cool thing is, we’ll be able to program them to meet our personal and business needs. We can send our robot to work for us. So let’s look at two robot programming scenarios.

One for the robot… and one for its human counterpart… us.

Let’s come up with a Life Plan for both of these and see how they differ. Many of us program our lives like that of a robot without taking into consideration some very real differences. We set ourselves up for failure by failing to realize we aren’t a plug and play machine.

Here is a list of how we might program a Business Robot with human qualities to replace us at work… [Read more…]

Who Will Replace Michael Hyatt?

michael hyattYesterday was a milestone for longtime blogger, Michael Hyatt. His month long Best Year Ever launch closed down, with over a million dollars in sales. It was an overwhelming success. By tying in with Joint Venture partners, like Jeff Walker, Sally Hogshead, and Amy Porterfield, he was able to leverage their social media power and email lists to sell over 7,00o programs, priced from $197 to $497.

As part of the affiliate launch, I saw the numbers roll in day after day. It was amazing to see who was on the leaderboard and how they each promoted the program. Since I follow most of the players on social media and subscribe to their newsletter lists, my email was full of offer emails. It was a real study in how the big players work, and how much money a great offer can bring in.

That being said, yesterday was another milestone for Michael. He decided to remove comments from his very popular blog at He didn’t just turn off the ability to comment, he removed all the comments from years of posts. As a long time follower of his, and someone who commented on many of his articles, I was very dismayed to see years of conversations gone in the flick of a switch.

Comments were the one thing that set Michael apart from so many other bloggers. Michael’s community was very engaged, with many leadership and business players having deep conversations on each insightful post. I met many different personalities over the years, and spent hours some days commenting and engaging, not only with Michael but many other professionals. Now that content is completely gone. Michael’s posts are still there, but the helpful insights on each one are no longer available. [Read more…]

Creating a Planning Calendar That Makes Sense

I hate the standard yearly calendar. It starts on an odd day and is divided by varying length months. Each year is different and it is hard to divide into anything that truly makes sense. Then you add in leap year and things really get complicated. Here is a view of 2015…

Notice that it starts on Thursday which is a holiday and actually gives you one workday to start. If you divide the 52 weeks into quarters, you get 13 which is a prime number. Try dividing that out. My head hurts already. Then you’ll notice that each month has an odd number of weeks (4.2, 4.5 etc).

When planning, I like uniformity. I realize the world uses a basic calendar with varying holidays depending on the country, but I need something that makes sense to me. As a web based entrepreneur, I work mainly from home and have to post and interact with others when they are working, usually Monday through Friday. I’ve tried a lot of solutions, but most get really complicated, quickly. Personally I like to look at a calendar and know where I’m at without some crazy formula. [Read more…]