Find The Pain

In content marketing it’s a good idea to consider your customer’s stated needs when creating a campaign. You may decide things like color, size and shape, and how your product works. However, by just looking at their stated needs, you may find yourself in an ocean of competition, and missing out on important needs that the customer may not express or even know that they had.
I would suggest that you ask the question; What is the pain that my customer experiencing that would lead them to buy my product or service? Once you answer this you’ll probably come up with the stated responses that your customers share all the time. They will likely list the benefits, as well as some data about the product. They might like the color, or the size and shape. Once you write these down and set up a marketing plan for them, you’ll find yourself dead in the middle of your competitor’s marketing programs. Lots of competition here.

However, if you dig a little deeper and look at some of the pain that your customers are really experiencing, but not sharing, you have the start of a fantastic marketing campaign. Like the iceberg diagram above, once you look underwater at some of the hidden items, you can target those unconscious buying decisions that your customers use all the time to [Read more…]

Create a Strategy For Consistent Content Creation

rainmaker conference
I just returned from the Copyblogger Authority/Rainmaker Conference in Denver Colorado. With two days of presentations from some of the top social media, content marketing and blogging experts, the message on content creation was clear. To get your online message out in 2015, you need to…

  • Create compelling content
  • Find a unique niche
  • Be consistent

While this is a message that has been around for a few years, there was some additional strategies to help you get heard in the very crowded marketplace of ideas.

  • Long form content with infographics, and long tail keywords ranks well.
  • Visual and shareable short form content converts well
  • Solving unique problems will get you noticed
  • Podcasts are hot

There was also a noticeable drop off in some forms of social sharing, while others have picked up…

  • Twitter links now should always include a graphic. Overall use seems to be down
  • Facebook has moved to a pay to play ad format. Free content no longer works.
  • LinkedIn use/promotion was more noticeable. Their blog content was popular.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are hot for visual items, specially among women.

Overall, as a blogger, the conference gave me a much better sense of direction moving forward. While the marketplace is getting noisier than ever, and competition is fierce, certain segments are doing well. The secret it seems, is to face reality, test what works, and be very consistent with whatever strategy you choose.

The two most used words that I heard from almost everyone were Consistency and Sustainability.

You have to be consistent in your delivery, and if you are going to put up a blog, serve up a podcast, or put out a video series, you have to be in it for the long haul.

Here are some slides that really hit home. [Read more…]

Blogging For Personal Success

I’ve been blogging in the Personal Development genre for over ten years. One of the things that has always been difficult in this space is finding keywords and specific blog topics that draw traffic. Personal Development is a nebulous term, and can mean a lot of things to different people.

Today I want to take a journey through the content creation landscape and see if we can discover some long tail keywords and blog post ideas that actually work in the personal success realm. I invite you to come along. Let’s take a look at the process and investigate some tools that will help us define search terms, create long tail keywords, and put together compelling blog content. I think you’ll find this helpful for your own blog or website.

The first thing we need to do is see where we are with our current web presence. We need to know what keywords our site is currently ranking for. I’m going to use this blog, Personal Success Today, as a test case. Let’s open up the popular SEO tool SEMRush and see what we find. [Read more…]

Special Keywords That Will Rocket Your Sales

Secret Long Tail Keywords

What if I told you that I had secret keywords that would drive search traffic to your website, Facebook page, or Twitter account. These magic keyword phrases would not only drive traffic, but it would bring qualified customers for your product, service, or idea. Your phone will ring, and your cash registers will click.

Then I would add the kicker…

You can find these keyword phrases today and it won’t cost you a cent.

“Tall order, John,” you would say…

“Can’t be done.”

“Been, there, tried that.”

“Too much competition.”

“Only the guys with lots of money can rank for my keywords.”

Guess what… you’re partially right.

You probably can’t rate for that so called ideal keyword, but you can actually find a better one.

“No way, Richardson,” you scream. “There isn’t anything better than my ideal keyword.”

And this is where I will beg to differ…

Because a truly magic keyword phrase is one that uniquely identifies you.

One that brings qualified buyers and leads. This keyword phrase will work on Google, Bing, Yahoo and business databases like Amazon and LinkedIn.

Here is the added kicker…

You can find numerous magic keywords that will drive traffic for each product, service or location that you have.

The secret is to [Read more…]